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World TeamTennis presented by GEICO – Results for Wednesday, 7/18


(Home teams in capital letters)

FINAL RESULTS – All matches complete:


SPRINGFIELD LASERS def. San Diego Aviators 22-20 (EP)

Men’s Singles – Miomir Kecmanovic (Lasers) def. Marcus Willis (Aviators) 5-4

Mixed Doubles – Daniel Nestor\Abigail Spears (Lasers) def. Marcin Matkowski\Anna-Lena Groenefeld (Aviators) 5-3

Men’s Doubles – Marcin Matkowski\Marcus Willis (Aviators) def. Miomir Kecmanovic\Daniel Nestor (Lasers) 5-3

Women’s Doubles – Abigail Spears \Vania King (Lasers) def. Naomi Broady\Anna-Lena Groenefeld (Aviators) 5-3

Women’s Singles – Naomi Broady (Aviators) def. Abigail Spears (Lasers) 5-3

Extended Play – Women’s Singles – Abigail Spears (Lasers) def. Naomi Broady (Aviators) 1-0


WASHINGTON KASTLES def. Orange County Breakers 22-18

Mixed Doubles – Christina McHale\Robert Lindstedt (Kastles) def. Andreja Klepac\Marcelo Demoliner (Breakers) 5-2

Women’s Doubles – Andreja Klepac\Yanina Wickmayer (Breakers) def. Madison Brengle\Christina McHale (Kastles) 5-2

Men’s Doubles – Robert Lindstedt\Frances Tiafoe (Kastles) def. Marcelo Demoliner\Evan King (Breakers) 5-4

Women’s Singles – Madison Brengle (Kastles) def. Yanina Wickmayer (Breakers) 5-3

Men’s Singles – Frances Tiafoe (Kastles) def. Evan King (Breakers) 5-4


Philadelphia Freedoms def. NEW YORK EMPIRE 21-17

Men’s Doubles – Kevin King\Fabrice Martin (Freedoms) def. Neal Skupski\Dennis Novikov (Empire) 5-4

Women’s Singles – Taylor Townsend (Freedoms) def. Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez (Empire) 5-0

Mixed Doubles – Neal Skupski\Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez (Empire) def. Fabrice Martin\Taylor Townsend (Freedoms) 5-2

Women’s Doubles – Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez\Tatjana Maria (Empire) def. Taylor Townsend\Raquel Atawo (Freedoms) 5-4

Men’s Singles – Kevin King (Freedoms) def. Dennis Novikov (Empire) 5-3


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Editors comment: Ok, so Mark Ein and partner bought World Team Tennis. Question to Mark. Ok, so you’ve owned the Washington Kastles for years, but why aren’t you now marketing all the teams? Why do you need to be a billionaire to own a team that plays two weeks a year? Teams that fly back and forth across the U.S. seems odd to us.

And since the nation of America is already divided, might as well make an East coast | West coast league… So the teams just play on their coasts and meet in the finals. Instead of “puddle jumping” across the United States in private jets? Just asking Mark.. You “over-market” the Kastles gear and now you don’t market the rest of the league? So glad that greedy drug co. MYLAN no longer sponsors World Team Tennis. (LJ)